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Three Aspens
Along the Colorado
Cloud Play
Field North of Boulder
Winter Chill
Storm Passing, Reynolds Ranch
October Flowers
Autumn Pattern
Aspen and Pine Trunk
Aspen and Pine
Reynolds Ranch Herd
Coot Lake Reflections
Skates Farmhouse
A Tinge of Autumn
Reynolds Ranch Open Space
Across the Colorado River
Northwest Ridge
Lake Afternoon
Fir and Pine
Tree Group, Lake Mesa
Field Near Valmont
Final Light
Reynolds Ranch Open Space
Storm Clouds in Durango
Foothills Ranch
Afternoon Pasture
North Boulder Autumn
Crane Hollow View
Northeast Forest
Boulder Back Road
Greeley Pasture
Eldora Cabin
Cos and Aspens
Clouds over Big Beach
Autumn Begins
Distant Paints
Autumn Shine
Early Spring, Cherryvale
East Boulder Twilight
Walden Pond Reflections
Along Magnolia
Tall Palms
North Beach Cove
Cloudy Day, Walden Ponds
Ranch on Cherryvale
Evening Graze
Gathering Storm, Brainard Lake
Dusk on Magnolia Road
Old Tree
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